Simple steps make creating your Map of Joy simple! You select the size and colour you would like, tell me your story and I’ll do the rest.


Here’s how it works

The price of your map will depend on the size you’d like, so, when you’re ready to buy, you’ll need to choose the size you want from the drop-down options on the shop page here.

As a guide, A3 is perfect for very small spaces, A2 is a fantastic choice for most rooms and A1 makes a real statement!


Then, my special order form (the link to which I will send you once you have made your payment) will take you easily through the mapping process. You will…

1. Decide what to map.

Decide where in the world your map will show.

2. Decide which colour way you’d like me to use to create your map.

There’s “Spectrum”, “Vintage”, “Airmail” or “Coast” to choose from…

3. Tell me the story of your map.

This should include all the details you’d like me to include as personalized icons, which I will then individually create especially for you! You’ll have the option of mapping up to 20 individual icons.

For an idea of what’s possible, here are just some of the icons requested by my lovely customers so far…

icons for page

(…and don’t forget to have a click around my Happy Mappers page for more icon ideas and to see a range of the maps I’ve already created and how yours could look.)

Once I’ve received your form, I’ll be in touch again with a confirmation of your map elements and will subsequently send you a working layout to approve after which, in just 4 weeks  you’ll have a unique personal piece of artwork to treasure forever!

Ready to get mapping?

If you have any questions, please read through my FAQs. Your order will be subject to these T&Cs.

Would you like to discuss your ideas before you buy? No problem, just contact me and I’ll be happy to have a chat about what you could create.

Remember, once you’ve completed your payment at the checkout, you’ll get a friendly hello email from me with a link to the Maps of Joy order form which will enable you to easily send me all the unique information that you want to map…and we’ll get started!