Mapping joy…

Maps of Joy capture some of the most well loved stretches of the UK coastline. They make a beautiful addition to any home, and evoke happy seaside memories with their coastal vibe…

The ready made maps make perfect presents as they are…but you can make them even more personal by adding your own unique icon. That could be a house, a beloved pet, a wedding venue, or any other place or event that you’d like immortalised on your Map of Joy.

“I just love it – it’s a beautiful piece of art but also so meaningful.”


Special times are made to be mapped!

It could be an engagement, a wedding, a new home or a happy holiday memory.

If it’s something unique to you, I’ll work from a photograph you supply to make your icon perfect.

I can translate any memory you can think of into a gorgeous bespoke icon to add to any of the maps in my shop…simply choose the “custom icon” option when checking out.

When I receive your order, I’ll get in touch to ask you about your memory and how best we can turn it into a bespoke illustration!

“Our Map of Joy really sparks memories and stories of a very special time in our lives.”

Emma & Shaun