Q: Which memories do I use for my map?

A:  Once you start re-living the happy memories of a certain time, place or event, there can so many that come to mind, it might feel a little overwhelming! I recommend you take some time over this and record the absolute stand-out events that you wish to map. They may not be the most obvious to anyone else, but they will be the most meaningful to you. The order form will walk you through the process and once you have got started it’s a most enjoyable thing to do.

Q: How do I get the memories that will form the basis of my Map of Joy to you?

A: Once you have decided which size of map you require and have made your payment (first add to your basket, then go to basket to check out) I will then email you with a link to the very simple Maps of Joy Order Form. You can fill this in online and click submit to send all your information to me.

Q: What if I’ve had problems filling out the form or I’m not sure if you’ll understand my instructions?

A: That’s not a problem. Do your best and once I have received your completed form, I will be in contact. Then we’ll go through your form together and you’ll have the chance to go through any parts of your story that you want me to understand more fully. After this I will email you a layout sketch which you will need to check for spelling errors, mis-placements or other mistakes, before I make a start on your actual map.

Q: If up to 20 icons are included in the price and I need fewer than 20 icons in my map, do I get a discount?

A: The reason that the cost remains the same, even if you need fewer than the 20 icon limit, is that the skill involved in creating and arranging your particular icons and all the corresponding details to look as good as they can on your layout remains the same whether I’m working with a smaller or larger number of them.

However, if you find you need only 7 icons or fewer, consider creating a Mini Map of Joy which is priced differently from my regular maps and may better suit your story. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk through your options.

Q: What if I find I need more than 20 icons to create my map?

A: If you need more than 20 details, I will be happy to give you a personalised quote. If you think this might apply to you, please get in touch with me first before making a purchase so we can discuss your individual needs.

Q: How do I know which size of map to choose?

A: Sizes are based on the UK paper sizes, A3 (small), A2 (medium) and A1 (large). A3 works well if you have only a small space in which to hang the artwork. A2 is a great choice for those wanting a real feature on their wall. A1 is designed to make maximum impact and will make a super talking point for a larger room.

Q: What if, after seeing the low-resolution ‘proof’ of my finished map (which will be emailed to you for your approval before printing takes place) I spot a mistake?

A: Any mistakes on my part (such as spelling errors, or mis-placements) will be corrected for free. Any other changes you require at this stage will cost £8 each.

Q: Why isn’t my map going to be 100% geographically accurate?

A: Although I endeavour to map your memories as accurately as I can, Maps of Joy are not intended to be as geographically accurate as a real map. I use my illustrator’s sensibility to strike a balance between creating a recognisable geographic area and making sure I achieve a visually stunning layout, which works beautifully as an artwork on your wall.

Q: I have a special event coming up for which I will need my map to be ready – can you guarantee I will receive it in time?

A: I strongly recommend that you build in enough time from the point of deciding to order a map to the time you will need it to avoid disappointment. This includes time you will need to fill in your order form, for us to organise our email consultation and for me to create your layout sketch which you need to approve before I begin your artwork. Ideally you need to leave at least 4 weeks (5 weeks outside the UK) AFTER approving your layout sketch until delivery. Taking the above into account, if you find that there will just not be enough time to get the actual map delivered in time for your special event, may I suggest that you could always give the intended recipient a hint (in the form of a note or card) of what’s to come and that it will be well worth waiting a little longer for!

Q: I have ordered a Map of Joy as a gift for someone else and they do not like it – can I return it and have a refund?

A: Because a Map of Joy is a bespoke product which has been created specially for you, I’m afraid I cannot offer a refund for any reason once your map has been shipped. If you are in any doubt as to whether the intended recipient of the map may not like it, why not direct them to have a look around the Maps of Joy site and ask for their input before you order? That way, although your gift may not be a complete surprise, you can be sure that once it has been created it will be treasured as one of the most thoughtful gifts that person has ever received.

Q: My Map of Joy has arrived but was damaged in transit, what happens next?

A: If damage occurs in transit, I will be happy to send a replacement print. I package each order very carefully, rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube to ensure that damage whilst in transit is most unlikely.

Q: Can I order a framed Map of Joy?

A: Maps of Joy are created as prints and sent to you rolled, ready for you to make your own decisions about what kind of frame and mount will suit your decor and tastes best. To avoid extra high costs to you and the risk of frames and glazing being damaged in transit I do not offer framing at this time. A framer will be able to give you help and advice about the best framing choice for you when you take your Map of Joy to them.

Q: I would like to order more than one print of my map, will each print cost me the same?

A: The first print will cost what is quoted, but if you need further prints of the same map, I can offer these at a reduced rate. Equally, if you require several copies of the same map with some small changes on each (perhaps for different members of your family) this can also be achieved at a reduced rate. Please get in touch to find out more.

If you have any other questions which are not covered here, please feel free to contact me and ask.