Tell Me Your Mapping Story

I will decide which orientation works best for your map, unless you have a specific need for it to be one or the other.

map colourways

For example, Tom & Emma’s Caribbean Honeymoon 2015.

Here’s where you can tell me all the stand-out moments you wish me to map and where they happened.

I will map up to 20 individual icons within the price of your map.

Please make sure that the icons you wish me to map relate to places within the area of the map itself and which you can name for me as you tell me your story.

So tell me the story of your map, including the visual icons and place names you want to appear on your map in CAPITAL letters to help me pick them out.

Here’s an example: We had our honeymoon on the island of ST BARTS. We arrived and went SNORKELLING off the beach at LE PETITES ANSES and found a beautiful STARFISH. The following day we took a BICYCLE RIDE to POINTE A TOINY where we stopped for a PICNIC ON THE CLIFFS.