header-mapsofjoy-scotThis special Map of Joy was commissioned by a son for his Mother who lives at the furthest tip of the UK mainland.

It was a surprise Christmas present and so all the details for this map had to be gathered rather secretly!

There were so many places of significance to her in Caithness where she has lived and raised her family, it was a delightful map to create.

This lady named all her children after various local landmarks and areas of natural beauty and so, to distinguish this rather important information I included a panel which named all the children with their birth dates and places. Plus all the places are also included on the map itself as icons making them extra special.

torran icons

Here’s what the customer said….

“It’s a masterpiece! Beyond my wildest expectations, I am sincerely grateful for your patience and skill to bring this to reality. My mother is going to be absolutely delighted with it!”

And here’s what the recipient thought….

“I’m almost lost for words, it’s the best present to have come into this house in the history of time.¬†It has magical properties, every time I get stressed I think about it and it makes me all happy and warm inside and I have a big smile!”

I’m sure you can imagine, that lovely feedback made my day!