header-mapsofjoy-UKThis truly transatlantic map was commissioned by a daughter for her Mother who was born in Scotland, lived in London, married an American and has moved between the USA and the UK with her family ever since!

What inspired your Map of Joy?

I was thinking of a gift that would be unique for my mother’s 70th and when I heard about Maps of Joy and I thought it would be a very special way to commemorate a special birthday. I talked it through with Joy extensively and she had great ideas about what seemed to me to be a complex idea, taking in USA and UK.

What made your gift so special?

I wanted to map all the wonderful places that were special to Mum and Dad over the years.  This turned out to be an especially good idea as whilst we were thinking of this project they decided to move back to the USA and so the map’s end point is the “Sold” sign on their new house in Kentucky!

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Where does your Map of Joy live in your home?

It’s hanging up in their Scottish home right now, but is soon to move to Kentucky where it will grace the walls of their new home there.

What do your friends and family think of it? Have you had any comments?

Mum absolutely loved it – she was so surprised and touched by all the special icons on the map – all of them were special things to her over the decades – she didn’t expect anything like this.  It was special because it was full of memories for her – my brother and I and my Dad all had inputs into it — I’m sure it will be a real conversation piece in Kentucky as well.

What was your favourite part of creating your Map of Joy?

Thinking through all the places Mum lived and what was significant about them. Oh and chatting with my Dad about the St Patrick’s Day dance which was their first date!

How does it make you feel?

Just love it – it’s a beautiful piece of art but also so meaningful.

How would you describe the Maps Of Joy experience in just three words?

Very, very special!

What would you say to someone considering ordering a Map of Joy?

Don’t hesitate!

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